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    WATCH: How To Fit In At A Motorcycle Rally

    Last updated 2 years ago

    One of the best parts of being a Harley rider is going to motorcycle rallies. These events are fun, exciting, and generally tailored to a specific group of motorcycle fanatics.

    This video offers instructions for blending in at a motorcycle rally. To really fit in, consider dressing like a biker, learning about motorcycle culture, and using proper etiquette. With the right attitude and preparation, anyone can have a good time at a motorcycle rally.

    If you need a new bike to take to Sturgis, Branson, or Daytona, then come to Latus Motors in Gladstone, Oregon and check out our inventory of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and accessories. Call us at (503) 980-4060 for more information.

    Latus Motors Bike of the Week: 2006 Harley Davidson Street Bob

    Last updated 2 years ago

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    IronHead Steve sayz:

    Latus Motors Harley-Davidson is proud to offer this 2006 Harley Davidson Street Bob with 21,499 miles for sale at only $9,995. This is not your average 2006 Harley Davidson Street Bob. It is loaded with up-grades and is a very striking motorcycle. The most obvious modification is the addition of a Harley Davidson limited production paint set consisting of the front and rear fenders and the gas tank. Harley Davidson only produced 150 of these paint sets for the FXDBI. Each one is numbered. This one is painted with blue flames and is #75/150. The previous owner installed a set of higher handle bars and did it the proper way. The electric wires were internalized and the control wires are braided steel. The hand grips are Kuryakyn units-very comfortable. To complement the higher handle bars, a set of forward controls with highway pegs were installed. Street Bob's are sold as solo machines when new. This one has a proper passenger seat and factory rear foot pegs added to increase it's utility. To save the best for last, a thunder header complete exhaust system was installed along with a high flow air cleaner. This is a very stylish Harley Street Bob. A lot of care was spend in making this bike unique. Take a look at it in person. The photo's just don't do it justice. Give Internet Dave a call for an inspection and a test ride. (#331204)

    Call Internet Dave at (877) 468-7587 with any questions or to schedule a test ride.

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    Checklist: What You'll Need On Your First Long Ride

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Many new Harley-Davidson owners dream of their first long trip on the open road. The winding roads of the Pacific coast are some of the most beautiful in the world, but they also present challenges that require every rider to properly prepare for a road trip. Here is a quick guide to some of the more important items riders need when embarking on a motorcycling road trip.

    Appropriate Clothing
    No matter where you are riding, wearing the proper clothing is very important. Riders need the usual protection of a helmet and jacket, but the Oregon coast also presents a need for protection from the weather. Be prepared with clothes suited for ever-changing weather conditions.

    Emergency Equipment
    No road trip should ever start without an emergency kit. Riders should be prepared to take care of themselves and their Harley-Davidsons in urgent situations. A first aid kit, a flashlight, some basic tools, and an emergency blanket are important items for your saddle bags.

    Food and Water
    Riding a Harley-Davidson is fun, but it can take a lot out of you over the course of a long trip. Make sure you stay nourished and hydrated. The wind whipping past you wicks sweat at an astounding rate and it is easy to become dehydrated.

    Plenty of Rest
    Many accidents in cars and on motorcycles are caused by driver fatigue, so it is crucial for every rider to start his or her trip well rested. This is especially important on the winding coastal roads of the Pacific Northwest.

    Necessary Paperwork
    Be sure to carry all necessary paperwork for your journey so you are covered in all eventualities. Keep your license, registration, and proof of insurance on hand for tickets and accidents, and a passport if you plan to go very far north or south.

    If you are looking for a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle to take on road trips around the town, state, or country, then come to Latus Motors in Gladstone, Oregon. We offer great Harley-Davidson products and services to the Portland area. Call us at (503) 980-4060 or contact us online for more information.

    Add Latus Motors To Your Google+ Circles

    Last updated 2 years ago

    At Latus Motors, we've heard that Google+ is one of the fastest growing social networks around. In an effort to communicate with our extended Latus Motors family, wherever they may be online, we've created our own page on Google+.

    Add Latus Motors to your Google+ Circles now!

    Latus Motors Bike of the Week: 2008 Dark Blue Pearl FLSTSB Cross Bones

    Last updated 2 years ago

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    IronHead Steve sayz:

    Latus Motors Harley-Davidson is proud to offer this Dark Blue Pearl FLSTSB Cross Bones with 24,290 miles for sale. Who wouldn't like to own a Harley that's a relative of a movie star? Watch the latest Indiana Jones movie. The Harley that Indiana Jones' long lost son rode in anger was a disguised version of the Cross Bones. All the "retro" styling ques are there. Witness the "Springer" front end; the solo sprung seat, the hard tail look and the lack of chrome-it's all there. The nicest part is that although the look is Retro, the Cross Bones' rides as a good modern Harley should. It's motor is a 96 C.I. torque bruiser combined with a six speed, smooth shifting, "cruise drive" transmission.This particular Cross Bones came from the factory with a security system. Who knows when one of Indiana Jones' enemies might want to cause mayhem? The mufflers on the FLSTSB are definitely on the performance side. There is a high flow air intake system installed. The remainder of this Cross Bones is pure stock. Want a "retro" Harley that performs as modern as tomorrow? Looking for an antique motorcycle but don't like metal fatigue? Then the FLSTSB is for you (and me!). Give Internet Dave a call to inspect this one up close. Then, try it out on the road with a fun test ride. (#785586)

    Call Internet Dave at (877) 468-7587 with any questions or to schedule a test ride.

    To view our entire inventory of used motorcycles, click here.

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